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"Autonomous Organisation Registered Under Govt. of India - MCA"

Advertisement and Mmedia Courses

Course Code Course Name Eligibility Duration
MED-01 Certificate in Digital Camera Photography 10th/8th Pass 3 Month
MED-02 Certificate in Videography 10th/8th Pass 3 Month
MED-03 Certificate in Mass Communication 10th/8th Pass 3 Month
MED-04 Certificate in Digital Audio Recording 10th/8th Pass 3 Month
MED-05 Certificate in Assistant Video Editor 10th/8th Pass 3 Month
MED-06 Certificate in advertising Professional 10th/8th Pass 3 Month
MED-07 Certificate in Lighting Assistant 10th/8th Pass 3 Month
MED-08 Certificate in TV News Reading and Comparing 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-09 Certificate in Public Relations Management 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-10 Certificate in Radio Jockey 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-11 Certificate in TV Programme production 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-12 Certificate in Sound Editing in Computer Dubbing Recording 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-13 Certificate in Recording and effects 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-14 Certificate in Digital Film Making and Digital Projection System 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-15 Certificate in Practice in Live recording> 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-16 Certificate in Digital Capturing 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-17 Certificate in Visual effects and Video Transactions 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-18 Certificate in Editing of a documentary film 10th/8th Pass 6 Month
MED-19 Certificate in Film, Television & Digital Video Production 10th/12th Pass 12 Month
MED-20 Certificate in Advertising & Marketing Communication 10th/12th Pass 12 Month
MED-21 Certificate in Journalism & Mass Communication 10th/12th Pass 12 Month
MED-22 Certificate in Digital Photography 10th/12th Pass 12 Month
MED-23 Certificate in Dark Room Technician 10th/12th Pass 12 Month
MED-24 Certificate in Screen Play Writing 10th/12th Pass 12 Month
MED-25 Certificate in Visual Media 10th/12th Pass 12 Month
MED-26 Certificate in Acting 10th/12th Pass